Surat Thani is located 651km from Bangkok/587km from Kota Bharu. Most of Western people will go to Koh Samui where there are nice beach and Island. Some people will travel in Surat Thani city.

You also must go Lil' Guilin at Ratchaprapa Dam if you want for nice photography.

Surat Thani have nice steet food and night market. Have a nice hotel at there. But please note that most hotel in Surat Thani requires book 2 rooms if you travel 3-4 persons (maybe more depend how many people in your family). Some hotel rooms is very impossible because 1 of the room can fit up to 4 people but the hotel owner tell someone to take 2 rooms. It's just like sleeping like a boss in the hotel. Like CBD 2 hotel, which charge Star Asia Elevator and his family for 2600bhat for 2 big rooms (1 room costs 1300bhat).

Surat Thani

CBD 2 Hotel

Just what Star Asia Elevator's type as above.

For elevators, there are 2 different brands. But very sad that 1 elevator is turn off/not working during Star Asia Elevator film Mitsubishi elevator at that hotel. But he, Star Asia Elevator, can't take full ride because have higher security.

The Horizon Hotel

Located next to CBD 2 Hotel. The hotel is open to public before elevator is available to public. It's quite OK to stay here (about 950bhat).

Will edit again if found the brand and filmed by any elevator filmer.

Sahathai Garden Plaza

Is a nice plaza in Surat Thani. But nothing special at night. Have Mitsubishi elevator.

CentralPlaza Suratthani

Based on Oak TheElevator Hunter, there are some of the Hitachi Elevators in this mall.

Koh Samui

Not available at the moment.

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