Malaysia is a nice country to travel. While travelling, you'll film some elevators and other videos, including nice photos and will upload to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and your love ones via WeChat, Whatsapp, LINE, etc.

Here's the list of WiFi you can upload.

Unencrypted WiFi

Unencrypted WiFi can be found on most public pay WiFi or free WiFi with limited speed or quota. Some WiFi in hotels which may limit only 1 user per room.

Here's a list of free and pay WiFi in Malaysia:

Rieki WiFi and Printing service

It's a vending machine which mostly can be found in selected malls within Malaysia such as AEON and Tesco. The machine which is built-in WiFi, charger (no problem if you want take a peep stop for charging your phone if your battery is low before continue to film the next elevator) for micro USB (current and older Android phone), USB type-C (newer Android phone), lightning (iPhone 5 and above) and 30 pin (iPhone 4s and earlier) and photo printing machine which needs to pay for the service. To print your photo from your phone to the machine, you need an Android 4.4.2 and above/iOS 10 and above with WiFi (must connect to the machine) and follow the instructions.

  • RM1- 30 minutes
  • RM2- 60 minutes
  • RM5- 180 minutes


Malaysia's first fixed cable phone, internet and IPTV in the country. It's a free and pay WiFi.

For non TM Streamyx or Unifi subscribers, you'll enjoy unlimited 1mbps Download/ 384kbps Upload for 30 minutes per day. To register, you need a Malaysian phone number and your name. You'll see ads first for 15 seconds and begin online! When the next login will be the same thing on the next day.

For TM Streamyx or Unifi, you'll enjoy free 500mb @ 4mbps/ 512kbps Upload per day. To login, enter your fixed line number, Streamyx/Unifi username and password that TM gave you. After login, direct online!


Also the same company as above, but it's unlimited with no time limit and no sign up. You'll need to enter the browser and go to any page to access the login page. You must agree the T&C and click 'login'. After login, you'll see ads for 30 seconds before can access the internet Please note that internet speed for TM FREE ACCESS WIFI is 384kbps download/256kbps upload. As of mid September 2017, TM FREE WIFI ACCESS increase speed up to 1mbps download and 384kbps upload. But remain the same unlimited internet usage and no time limit and no sign up required.

WIFI KOMUNITI/Kampung Tanpa Wayar 1 Malaysia

The WiFi has been made by MCMC and can be found in rural area. To sign up, you need to enter your information like IC card or passport number, races, religion, address (based on your IC card/passport) and your name, username and password. The internet speed may vary (normally 384kbps-700kbps, depend on distance and user). The maximum distance is up to 100 meters from the WiFi tower. Speed has been increased up to 2mbps download speed with 512kbps upload speed depend on how many user and distance.

Penang Free WiFi

Penang Free WiFi is a free WiFi from REDtone. The WiFi have a speed up to 3mbps at 1560 free WiFi hotspots. For new users, you need to enter your name, username, phone number (Malaysian phone number only) and password. For existing users, just enter your username and password. When login, you'll see ads first for 15 seconds and then begins online.

Tesco WiFi

Tesco has now offer a free WiFi. For without Tesco Clubcard member, you can access for free for 30 minutes while people with Tesco Clubcard member can access as long as 1 hour. The WiFi mostly located in food court area.

AEON Mall WiFi

AEON Mall have a free WiFi service for those who owned AEON member card. It gives 2 hours of internet for free. Just present the member card at the customer service counter and they give the login code. The WiFi was located at customer service counter and every escalator (both up and down) within the supermarket in the mall.

Encrypted WiFi

Encrypted WiFi is a WiFi which required a password to use it (mainly, WPA, WPA2, WEP, etc). You can use the service until the owner has changed their password. Password can be found when check-in the hotels, in hotel rooms, restaurant (mostly on the wall and cashier), cafe (mostly on the wall or cashier) and some food court.

If you can't find the password, ask them for WiFi password if you saw a 'WiFi' sticker on wall or cashier. If they say 'NO', just say 'OK' in a polite way. If you're lucky, you will enjoy the internet (up to 50mbps, some place only).

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