Hi! Welcome to Prepaid Suggestions for Malaysia. Some tourist from other country and visit to Malaysia want to use internet while outside the WiFi area, data roaming is the worse nightmare for you. I can suggest some.


Digi offers music and video streaming up to 10GB/month for free. While others free basic internet+ free unlimited Facebook and Twitter (Digi Best Prepaid) or 8GB weekend quota (no longer for sale unless you are on older Digi Smart Prepaid)

Other data plan also available too!

Dial *116*2# to buy 1 time data pass (everything unlimited except Facebook 50mb for RM1/day)

The coverage covers nearly 80% of Malaysia's population for 4G while 3G is at nearly 90%. The rest cover by 2G @ 98%.

The speed is vary based on location. Speed normally from 1.5mbps till 45mbps.

Popular data plans:

  • RM1/day- unlimited video lite(****) (512kbps non stop YouTube, TonTon, etc)
  • RM28/month- Unlimited video(**) and music streaming(**) (YouTube, JOOX, etc) and unlimited social massaging(***) (WeChat and Whatsapp)
  • RM30/month- a total of 35GB (5GB whole day+30GB(*) from 1pm-7pm)
  • RM28/month- a total of 7GB data (3GB data+2GB video+2GB music)
  • RM28/month- 5GB data+ unlimited Facebook and Twitter
  • RM3/day- 1GB data

(*)- 1GB/day

(**)- Based on fair usage policy, the maximum usage for unlimited is 30GB/month

(***)- Based on fair usage policy, the maximum usage for unlimited is 10GB/month

(****)- Based on fair usage policy, the maximum usage for unlimited is 10GB/day

Current promotion (MyDigi app)

  • Not available at the moment. Check this place for upcoming promotion.

U Mobile

U Mobile offers its VideoOnz which is very popular in Malaysia which is free of charge when buy any data plans. It comes together with free music streaming and 1GB basic internet (64kbps) compared to other telco. Plus, U Mobile add on its SocialOnz which is Facebook and Twitter unlimited for free. But sadly, U Mobile isn't wide enough to cover population of Malaysia. The place didn't cover by U Mobile is Gerik, Pengkalan Hulu, Kuala Lipis, Miri and few towns in Malaysia. U Mobile will upgrade their coverage ASAP!

Popular data plans: RM30 for a total of 6GB (3GB internet+3GB VideoOnz)

Hotlink (aka Maxis prepaid)

Hotlink is a prepaid from Maxis which offers 8GB free weekend data (must have data plans to work with and need to use under 4G network)+ up to 4GB free YouTube.

Popular data plans:

  • RM50/month for a total of 43GB (5GB whole day+ 30GB happy hour from 1pm-7pm+ 8GB weekend)
  • RM30/month for a total of 40GB (2GB whole day+ 30GB happy hour from 1pm-7pm+ 8GB weekend)

All data plans above comes with free 8GB of weekend data (2GB/week) (included) + 1GB/day midnight data from 1am-7am

Other data plans

  • ReloadPlus RM10: 300mb data+ RM10 airtime (calls&SMS) which lasts for 7 days.
  • ReloadPlus RM15: 750mb data+ RM15 airtime (calls&SMS) which lasts for 7 days.
  • RM1 for 100mb lasts 24 hours (only for ReloadPlus RM15)
  • RM5 for 500mb/day
  • RM8 for 500mb+1GB video streaming for 1 day
  • RM5 for 2GB from 1am-7am (last 1 day)

Xpax (aka Celcom prepaid)

Popular data plans:

  • RM50 for 15GB/month (with KAWKAW SQUAD data plan
  • RM30 for 7.5GB/month

Free 10GB Facebook+10GB basic internet (64kbps)

Other plans

  • RM1/day 1GB video streaming
  • RM7/week 10GB video streaming
  • RM20/month 15GB video streaming


If you travel but not use very much internet data (but call a lot), choose XOX/Onexox. The best choice. Lowest calls and SMS than other telco. The best is the Season Pass which is cheaper than regular data and can keep longer than regular data which is followed with the current credit expired date. If you travel in Malaysia very often (eg: you are in Southern Thailand and visit to Malaysia every month for buying something for business), it's highly recommended to use this prepaid.

XOX/Onexox use under Celcom's 2G/3G/4G network.


If you buy RM20 (RM15 airtime+ SIM card), you will get 850 days for free and will be given within 2 weeks.

What is season pass

Season pass is you can keep your data, calls and SMS without limit. Unlike other telco, you can share your data, calls and SMS but a small charge at RM0.50 per transaction. The best is your data, calls and SMS can keep up to based on your credit expired date. So, no need to worry about didn't use all the data available. For data, you can release as small as 150mb/day, 300mb/week, 500mb/month to as much as 5GB/month.

Season Pass (happy hour, various offer from time to time)

  • RM30 for 5GB or 333 mins calls
  • RM50 for 10GB
  • RM60 for 5GB+333 mins calls

Regular data

  • RM30/5GB/month (SMS DATA FAT 5 to 22111/23388)
  • RM50/10GB/month (SMS DATA FAT 10 to 22111/23388)

Regular season pass (Cheapest available)

  • RM100- 10GB season pass

Prepaid bundle (valid for new prepaid registration)

  • RM40- 5GB for a month+ 5GB season pass+ RM5 credit+ 850 days valid
  • RM60- 10GB for a month+ 10GB season pass+ RM5 credit+ 850 days valid

Season Pass Plus

  • RM30 for 6GB+50 minutes calls
  • RM50 for 12GB+50 minutes calls
  • RM60 for 7GB+384 minutes calls


Malaysia widest and largest 4G network in Malaysia. They only runs on 4G only (requires TD-LTE smartphone to work) and selected device such as Yes Altitude, Samsung and Huawei.

As of August 2017, Yes 4G works on all smartphones with TD-LTE supported. Mainly device made in 2015 or later. VoLTE supported selected device include Yes Altitude, Samsung 2016 models or later 

Data package (The cheapest available)

  • RM25/month- 8GB data
  • RM30/month- 20GB data (recommended!)
  • RM5/day- 1GB data
  • RM10/week- 2GB data