Malaysia elevator filmer, is not very famous by international elevator filmer but famous in neighbour countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Most elevator filmer lives in West Malaysia but didn't have any elevator filmer in East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak).

Active elevator filmer

Here's the current active elevator filmer in Malaysia as of today:

  • MrElevatorKing (Wilayah Pesekutuan Kuala Lumpur)
  • Star Asia Elevator and Escalator (Kelantan)
  • Wen Kern Boys Elevator Channel (active during holidays, Penang)
  • Star CKX TV (rarely active, Kelantan)

Inactive elevator filmer

Here's the inactive elevator filmer who has been discontinued filming elevator, has closed his/her YouTube channel or has change name and become non elevator filmer:

  • klvncw (now as Kelvin Cw, Penang) : His channel is still open to public. But, he has discontinued from elevator filming and ended with private or delete his video.
  • UnnamedExtraIsBack (Negeri Sembilan) : Has been closed account.
  • smexduck123 (now as AndroidFan1811) : Has change name and discontinued from elevator filming. But he makes random tech video on YouTube, including make a travel video.
  • Edmund Liew (now he live in New Zealand) : Recently, he have filmed elevators in Malaysia. But he move and live in New Zealand and continue to film a few elevators before he stop elevator filming. This one is unknown whenever he will continue filming elevators or not.

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