Plan to travel in Southern Thailand? Here's a good option of hotels to choose from in this page.


  • Laemthong Hotel: 820bhat/room/4 person
  • Florida Hotel: 1000bhat/room/4 person OR 690bhat/room/2 person
  • PS Extra Hotel: 1100-1180bhat/room/4 person OR 590bhat/room/2 person
  • City Park Hotel: 590bhat/room/2 person
  • Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel: 1600bhat++/room/3 person
  • The Regency Hotel: 1100bhat/room/2 person (old wing) OR 1400bhat/room/2 person (new wing)
  • Oliver Hotel: 890bhat/room/2 person
  • M Hotel: THB1490 OR MYR212/room/2 person (price is correct as of August 2017)
  • Satit Grand View Hotel: 1000bhat/room/4 person (price is correct as of June 2016)

Nakhon Si Thammarat

  • The Twin Lotus Hotel: 1500-3000bhat++/room/2 person (price is correct as of May 2017)
  • Thai Hotel: 590bhat/room/2 person (price is correct as of August 2017)


  • Green View Hotel (Sungai Kolok): 900bhat/room/2 person (price is correct as of May 2017)


  • City Hotel: 1500bhat/room/2 person (price is correct as of March 2015)


The price is correct as of 15 January 2018. If price is incorrect, you're free to edit the price.

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