Mack is stuck on the twentieth floor of a building. Help him find his way out to the ground floor in the least moves possible by simply pressing on one of the multiple elevators available. 

:WARNING this game is designed to drive you and Mack INSANE. :Get the gun and smoke the skater punk!!! : A FUN, ADDICTIVE and EMOTIONAL Roller Coaster. : Entertaining to all ages :AD FREE!!! :Free Download

Keep your cool, don't get mad and don't throw your phone in anger as you help Mack get out. The further you go the harder it gets and the more frustrated you feel, but don't loose your cool because there is always another level to make you feel worse than the last. Hidden stairs and handy hints to help you through. Be ready to smoke the skater punk he's an elevator thief before he adds to the frustration in this crazy new adventure. Challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter to see who is smarter in this seemingly impossible but easily doable challenge of emotions and get your name on the global leaderboard. This App has been designed to keep everyone in mind from those who are in need of mental and emotional stimulation to the elderly, young children and everyone in between who believe they are smart enough to figure out the exit plan. This mental and emotional rollercoaster will test your limits to the edge and back. My question to you is can you stay sane enough to make it to the end without quitting DOWNLOAD NOW and find out.

Info and minimum requirements:

  • Android 2.3 and up
  • Current version: 2.0