Welcome to Chiang Rai, where you can saw some best food where to go within this page. Also includes elevator and escalator.

Chiang Rai can be as cold as 10oC during the night and as hot as 25oC during the day in December while in April can be as hot as 40oC and as cold as 25oC during the night.

Chiang Rai International Airport

The only main airport in Chiang Rai which has O&K Escalator together with KONE Elevator.

Doi Tung Hall Of Inspiration

At the main entrance, you can see the counter which takes your ticket as your admission to get in and there is KONE Elevator at entrance. At the end of touring this place, you'll go up by an escalator.

Where must go or what must try?

  • Doi Tung Coffee (Nice coffee to taste. You can adjust the sugar level when they ask to.)
  • Mae Salong (Yunnan's village in Chiang Rai. About 1 hour or 40km away from Chiang Rai city centre. Don't forget to try pork leg with mantou aka steam bread)
  • Mae Sai (getaway to Myanmar and nice food there. You can do a shopping for fake GoPro which sells 890bhat. You can bargain with them to get lower price. You can shop other snacks, electronics and goods too.)
  • Golden Triangle (near to Chiang Saen. You can see a sitting Buddha statue near the Mekong river. And it's between Myanmar and Laos. You can travel by boat to Myanmar or Laos without passport.)
  • Chiang Rai Night Bazaar (it's quite cheaper than in Chiang Mai. You can shop or eat within the Night Bazaar. Don't forget to try their unique steamboat in the claypot which costs 100bhat and above depend on you choose like Chicken, Pork or seafood).
  • White Temple (make by famous artist. Located about 10km from city centre. Mostly people come here and pray by Buddhism or take photograph by most travellers.)
  • Doi Tung (nice place to photography with flowers.)