Chiang Mai is a province. Sometime, this place can be cold in December and will be very hot (over 40oc) in April.

Is about 1890km from Kota Bharu and 685km from Bangkok.


Doi Suthep

Located 10km from Chiang Mai on the hill. There are 2 option to get Doi Suthep's 'hill'.

  1. Ride an elevator (filmed by a few elevator filmer and non elevator filmer). Pay 20 baht for Thai and 50 baht for foreigner (price updated December 2017, unknown in 2018) before you ride. Elevator there is a Sanyu, which is one of the generic elevators in Thailand.
  2. Take a stairs. It's free! Unless for foreigner which requires to pay 30 bhat.

CentralFestival Chiangmai

One of the two Central Shopping Mall in Chiangmai. This one is the newest and uses Hitachi elevators. Filmed by Khup Pfeifer and Star Asia Elevator and Escalator.

CentralPlaza Chiangmai Airport

One of the two Central Shopping Mall in Chiangmai. This one uses many brands including Schindler, Hitachi and Mitsubishi. Filmed by Khup Pfeifer.

Kad Suan Kaew

Possibly the only place in Chiangmai that uses Dong Yang elevators. Filmed by Khup Pfeifer.

Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel.

The only hotel in Chiangmai with scenic elevators atrium. Brand is possibly either Toshiba or Dong Yang.

Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center

Maya (Mei-ya) is one of the shopping mall in Chiangmai. Uses Hitachi elevators. Filmed by Khup Pfeifer.

Pantip Chiangmai

The only IT Mall in Chiangmai. Both are KONE Elevators.

Night Bazaar Place Hotel

Located in very busy place in Chiangmai and located very close to night bazaar and Muslim's street food. Have Schneider Lisa Elevator.

Pornping Tower Hotel

Please don't talk about porn. It's a mid range hotel in Chiangmai. Located near to Night Bazaar. Have 2 kinds of elevator. 1 is Fujitec in the 80's or 90's and the other is Schindler 3300 AP.