Bangkok is a capital city of Thailand. Where NingSama and few more elevator filmers live here.

About 1209km from Kota Bharu and about 1472km from Kuala Lumpur.


Baiyoke Sky Hotel

The second tallest building in Thailand. Films by many YouTubers including non elevator filmer.

The display is rare in Bangkok. Only few places use it.

Dang Derm Hotel

Located in Khao San Road. The famous tourist site which is very popular for western people. Dang Derm Hotel is clean and good. Recommended this hotel for tourist. Cheap! But sadly no WiFi (not sure in 2016. Last updated 2010).

Filmed by NingSama and Star Asia Elevator.

MBK Center

MBK Center is one of the shopping mall in Bangkok.

Someone say to any tourist that who didn't reach MBK Mall is you didn't reach Bangkok.

Can't confirm sure what they say.

There are various elevator in this mall. Filmed by several elevator filmers around Thailand and the world.

Korbua House

Located a bit outside of busy Khaosan area. Have KONE Elevators with red panel. For easy to film elevators, use their toilet and start filming.

Filmed by NingSama and Star Asia Elevator.

Bobae Tower and Prince Palace Hotel

Can be arrive by boat, taxi, tuk-tuk, car or bus route 53 and 37. Have KONE with Thyman fixtures and 90s Mitsubishi Elevators.

Filmed by several Thai elevator filmers, Sumosoftinc and Star Asia Elevator.